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The Cuban Coffee Break - a break from life's everyday stresses.



Growing up I didn't have a strong connection to my culture, I knew I was Cuban but that was where things ended. I wasn't taught Spanish at home nor did my family ever speak Spanish to me. I didn't even know I had family still in Cuba until two years ago. The one part of my culture I was shown was the food, the coffee part came both when I worked at a Cuban restaurant and when I visited my family in Cuba. This grounds me in my Cuban culture and heritage and I want to start to share that with others.

This will allow me to connect to my culture and grant me the ability to share my love for my culture with others. Even when I was little I wanted to be my own boss and this will give me that opportunity with the added bonus of getting to cook and serve others, another passion of mine. 

The truck is going to be a connection point with my culture and the people in my community, which is something we need right now. 

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